padThe Sentinel<br>by Michael Wooten

This painting and poem is based on a photograph that was taken in 1974 of a 2nd Armored Division Sherman tank in a field between Magoster and Beffe, Belgium. It was a casualty of the 2nd SS-Panzerdivision in the Ardenne in January of 1945.

"By this fence near a quiet wood,
I sit alone where once I stood,
Beside my brothers in a row;
As Panzers attacked from the treeline below.

The farmland echoed the sound of war,
Where only peace had been before,
And here where things are meant to grow,
I fought and fell in blood-staind snow.

The years since then have drifted by,
I rust away beneath the sky,
In a country free from Hitler's reign,
My sacrifice was not in vain."

Signed by: Michael Wooten

Print Size: 21" x 17 1/2"

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